11 Best Wedding Reception Centerpiece ideas

Almost all couples dream that their wedding ceremony will be the most perfect event of their lives. It is no wonder, then, that there are so many wedding planners. The numerous details of the wedding should never be assumed. From invitations to the reception, all details must be carefully conceived. Your wedding reception centerpieces can adjust the mood for the eve celebrations. Once you consider there will be a centerpiece on each table you want to decide something harmonious. You'll also prefer to choose a centerpiece that is graceful and decorative.

Selecting a Wedding Reception Centerpiece

The only rule for a centerpiece is that it decorates a table. Creating your DIY wedding centerpiece doesn't have to be complex and it does not have to cost a fortune. Building your own centerpieces can save you burdens. The first step is to think about your composition and the shape of your tables. If you have round tables then you are more likely to have one centerpiece in the center of the table.

Following are the Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and Tips

1) Flowers as Wedding Reception Centerpiece - Traditionally most couples go with flowers for their wedding reception centerpiece. In most cases, flowers make the finest centerpieces. They add together color, aliveness and feeling to the reception area and make a feeling of home in the guests, which adds up to the total joy of the social occasion.

2) Candles as wedding reception centerpiece– Candles make awesome centerpieces, mainly for evening wedding receptions. In fact, the choice for the type of candle holder you make creates the whole difference to the atmosphere. There can be numerous designs but some suggestions for wedding reception centerpieces with candles can be hurricane lamps, they look stunning and decorative crystal votives grouped together.

A Quick idea - Floating Heart Candle Centerpiece

One great idea for wedding reception centerpiece can be floating candles in heat shape, they look beautiful, cost less and are easily available. Put a horizontally width candle over a big rose (may be red) which can be installed in a glass bowl. The rose will keep the candle floating and the bowl in heart shape will reflect the candle light through it.

You should ask some friend or the staff of the wedding reception hall to lit all the candles before the arrival of the guests. It must be done before hand or it will look odd when guests are already sitting around the table and someone is running around lighting candles.

3) Baskets as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– The nice thing about using baskets for wedding reception centerpieces is they can be filled up with just about anything! Flowers, candy, fruit or marbles, the sky is the limit!

4) Birdcages as Wedding Reception Centerpiece – Alike baskets, birdcages can be filled with almost anything including flowers. They are also great on their own with perhaps a decorative ribbon fastened around the center.

5) Potted Plants as Wedding Reception Centerpiece-they look great – As an alternative of your essential flowery display, potted plants can be utilized. Small potted plants in ornamental containers can be grouped jointly to form a centerpiece and then brought home individually as wedding reception favors.

6) Small Goldfish bowls as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– Marbles and candles can convert a small goldfish bowl into a beautiful wedding reception centerpiece. Acorns, Pine cones and Pine branches make for an aromatic table.

7) Straw Hats as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– Beautify with ribbon, lace and silk flowers and place in the center of the table.

8) Sweet Bride cake as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- Bride cake will last a lifetime. Crafted from a stack of tins covered up in patterned paper and topped off with gemmed flowers, this straightaway and attractive centerpiece is the perfect way to dress dining tables.

9) Etched-Glass Vase as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- Share a message with wedding guests by etching alphabetic character onto glass vases to charm words. Try L-O-V-E or use the bride and bridegroom's initials for a personal touch.

10) Nature-Inspired- Small fallen down tree branches make a perfect background for birds cut from patterned paper. If you use this centerpiece for an outdoor wedding reception the birdies will rotate in a gentle breeze.

11) Personalized photographs as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- The conversation will be moving as wedding guests admire photographs of the bride and groom inserted inside a clear vase or candleholder. Arrange photographs equally on decorative paper. Apply double-sided tape to stick the arrangement to a small cylinder, and then cuddle it inside a bigger glass vessel. Add blossoms or a candle to the center to finish the centerpiece.

Decide what type of atmosphere you wish to have in the reception. If you want a classical centerpiece, come with a floral arrangement. If your wedding and reception aren't going be of the "typical" variety, then choose a centerpiece that fits the venue. For instance, a garden wedding may use Nature as a subject for the centerpiece, such as small birdhouses or flower baskets.

Important to mention

When selecting a wedding reception centerpiece, be sure your guests will be able to communicate comfortably around it. For example, will they've to move it to one position or elevate themselves up on their chairs to talk to someone across the table? Do not make centerpieces so tall they blocking out half of the guests. While using centerpieces that contain candles, make certain there's nothing burnable within reach of the candle. For example, a basket or straw hat is not a good example for a candle holder.

Be creative while selecting wedding reception centerpieces. Besides seeing a florist, visit a craft shop or home center. Do not forget to bring a clear mind; you are only confined by your imagination. The nice thing about inexpensive wedding centerpieces is that brides are becoming more and more creative. The same old awesome floral centerpieces are great if you've the money but when you're planning a low-budget wedding you need to use your imagination.

Best Wedding Reception Gifts

Wedding Reception Gifts You Know they will Love

Wedding reception gifts are traditionally presented to the newlyweds as tokens of warm-heartedness and love as well as a means to allow the new couple with starter home supplies. Wedding reception gifts allowed friends and family of the couple to provide the newlyweds with some much needed home requirements. Wedding gifts are purchased by the guests have substituted the tradition of bringing fruits that accustomed encourage fertility. Wedding photo frames, personalized engraved boxes and personalized towel sets with monograms are only some of the possibilities when it comes to picking out a personalized gift for the bride and groom to be given in a especially arranged wedding favor party or as wedding reception favors.

People normally tend to spend good deal of time exploring the nearby novelty shops and the internet to find the perfect wedding reception gifts for the wedding of their family or friends. The more bonds they have with the newlywed, the more they want to buy the wedding reception gift with full intent.

The idea is to come up with the gift which says that you know the couple well and care for their likes and dislikes. Some people are lucky in finding a great gift for the couple but there are some who are not. The simple way to select a wedding gift is to think what are the things which newlywed couple require in order to furnish up their home as a couple. That way you can strike up a good useful gife which the couple will love and keep with them for their life. Here are some ideas which you will like in coming up with some ideas.

1. Cash as Wedding reception gift:
The hard cold cash can be missing that personalized touch which the other kinds of gifts have in them. It is hard as it comes in a paper card inserted in a paper envelope. But remember that the newlyweds do know the universal language of hard cold cash. They know that this has been given with the intent of giving them the choice of getting the most favorable gift for them. The thing which you can totally be sure of is that cash is the only gift which has the 100% acceptance rate.

There are several reasons why money is accepted as a universal wedding gift. Money is easy to carry and portable they can carry it everywhere even to their honey moon. They get empowered with the money you have given to them as a wedding gift and with it they can buy whatever they want to.

2. Dinnerware as Wedding reception gift:
A lot of times, couples will receive duplicate wedding gifts. For instance, a couple may find two or three sets of fine chinaware. Although fine china is useful for formal dinners, couples also need dinnerware that can be used on an everyday basis. That's why the perfect wedding gift is dinnerware that shows the personality of the couple. This wedding gift is something that they can truly use.

3. Bed Set as Wedding reception gift:
While a high-priced bedcover would make a great wedding gift, why not consider selecting a bed set that shows the couples personality? For example, let's say the couple loves dragons or just an oriental idea; there are various bed sets that would accommodate this personality type. The important thing is to pick out something the couple will genuinely love. A wedding gift that doesn't suit the personality of the couple will more than likely be returned or interchanged for something that better suits their personality.

4. Cookware as Wedding reception gift:
Cookware is always a great wedding gift, but why gives plain cookware while you can buy cookware that has a lot of personality? Many companies are now offering up attractive cookware that comes in outrageous colors that would be perfect for young couples.

5. Seasonal glassware as Wedding reception gift:
If you are truly and sincerely want to give a gift to the couple which they will not only remember but use practically, then go for a seasonal glassware set. Think of the attachment they will have with the gift you will give that they will be able to use for the years to come. Seasonal gifts like the glassware are taken out on special occasions of the seasons. The couple may have the normal and formal glassware but not the seasonal one which is rare for young couple to invest in such glassware which is particular for specific seasons of the year. The couple will be able to remember you as their family and friend whenever they will use the gift you had given them even after 10 years as seasonal glassware are only taken out during the season and used with care so can be reused for the years to come.

Although finding a good gift for the wedding is itself a task but hopefully it will be a little easier for you the next time you will go search for a wedding gift for your family or friend.


Planning a wedding reception the Pro Way

How to Plan a Wedding Reception?
Congratulation! It’s your wedding? Does it mean only Fun and Romance to you? No! It’s a commitment, a promise, an obligation, a bond and lifelong association between two hearts and two souls. It is the most important, worthy, valuable and desirable moments of your life. You have been waited long for this occasion, and you will never forget the fairytale memory of the day through planning a wedding reception in the best manner.
Before planning to have a grand party let’s decide which points will be guiding us on the right track;
• The plan
• The budget
• The season
• Your traditional, social, cultural values
• Dresses and gowns
• The theme
• Are wedding planners or florists involved?
• The music and entertainment
• Arrangements of decorative materials
• Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”
• Little gestures to make guest feel special
• Selection of important people to be with you

The Wedding plan:
Sit, relax and then start planning with your fiancé or anyone else you like to share with. Do you prefer a religious or maybe civil ceremony? Do you want readings, and if yes, would you like them to be from scripture, literature or from any other source? Are there any cultural or ethnic? Or do you want customs included into your ceremony? How many guests you want to invite? Think for a moment about your parents, and the anticipations, if any, they may have for your wedding day.

The Wedding budget:
The most important aspect, around it all the planning revolves. Hopefully you are calculating it since long but this is time to do some paper work, include every large and tiny part of your plan, it might take some time but it is very important. For instance if you plan to rent a limousine for your wedding reception, you must know before hand that how much should a wedding limo cost.

The Wedding Season:
It plays important role because all the color choice, décor, dress designing, music entertainment and food.

Your traditional, social, cultural values:
Yes you’re traditional, social, cultural and even religious values are very important aspects in any wedding, even the bride or groom are totally from different backgrounds. Make sure not to hurt anyone’s feeling because this is the most important occasion of your life!

The Wedding theme:
Your wedding theme can be anything from a particular color scheme to as elaborate as arranging your wedding reception over a theme from a history’s particular era, complete with historically accurate costumes & music. For suggestions of one simplest theme, you can use monograms made by you, throughout your wedding, from the design of your invitation to the designs on your wedding cake; or you could choose a location based theme where you two first met; you can include mountains or beach in your theme as well. There are weddings where the themes are based on a significant holiday, like Valentine’s Day or Mardi-Gras, or a particular year’s season when both of them first met. You could base your theme upon a shared interest, such as mountain climbing, playing musical instruments or computer games, or an interest in history. Picking a certain era in art history can be a wonderful experience. There are people who chose the theme of their wedding after their careers, hobbies, or ethnic background.

Are wedding planners, designers or florists involved?
A stationary designer and a good wedding planner are a great help in making a choice from so many ideas you might get surrounded by. The chosen wedding theme must reflect from all the wedding items like the cake, invitation cards, flowers, table settings, center piece, menu cards, program cards etc. But it is not must! You can also do it by your own self, by taking guidance from internet, books and magazines.

The music and entertainment:
It must be very enjoy full, and has to be according and covering almost all the choices and ages.

Arrangements of decorative materials:
• Cake
• Flowers
• Other fresh and artificial supplies
• Balloons, candles, silk; net and other stuff can be arranged many days before the wedding.

The Wedding Reception Food:
Combination of classic and modern food is preferred. You will also need to decide if you want to have a self service or if you will have it catered. Are you going to rent out a reception hall and let them do all of the food preparations. Selecting the best wedding food for your wedding is very important. Make budget and then decide, many caters are available online, with their interesting menus.

Make the party fun:
Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”. Only well planned ceremony creates some good environment.
Little gestures
To make guest feel special, give them souvenir, small cards or gifts with some lovable quotations written on.

Selection of important people to be with you:
Maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers and flower girls, these are all the very special and important people around you, select the closest relation and don’t hurt anyone.
I hope all the best you can have for your happy wedding life. May this occasion will be the most valuable ceremony for the rest of your life through learning from above lines for planning a wedding reception.


Wedding Reception Venues for Communities

“Different Wedding Venues for Different Communities of the world”

Wedding is a religious activity and thereby the events and occasions involved in this religious activity differ amongst different religions. Selection of a wedding reception venue is certainly one of the major topics of discussions for the families, friends, relatives and most importantly, for the bride and bride groom involved in a wedding. A wedding venue has its significance not only because of the events or activities that are performed there, but because it displays the social “status” these days and therefore, it has definitely a lot to do with the wedding budget. The options for the selection of a Wedding reception Venue are numerous for almost all the communities or religions of the world.

There are many religions existing from centuries ago. Wedding has been a part of them since the same time. But the norms or the way wedding is carried out has been on a change. As all the cultures have the tendency to adopt certain events or activities, a wedding has been a subject to certain adoptions as well specially the weddings of the east or Islamic weddings. In the early days of Islam, wedding process just consist of two events: “Nikah” and “Rukhsati” or the departure of the bride. These two major events are still being followed, however certain events have been adopted from “Hinduism” such as “Sangeet” which is actually a musical evening arranged for the sake of having entertainment and fun which is commonly known as “Dholki” in the modern eastern or specifically sub-continent weddings. Therefore with the inclusion of this event, the discussion for the location or venue is another issue along with selection of venue for other major events such as “Nikah” (which is the Islamic recitation of Holy verses to call bride and groom as legally wedded husband and wife), “Rukhsati” (departure of bridge to her ultimate house) and then “Valima” or wedding reception. The general Venue for a “Dholki” or “Mayo” is a wedding hall or an empty ground which is turned into a hall by putting a well decorated Tent with chairs and tables decorated with flowers, colorful clothes and other decoration material. A small stage is made, where different chairs are installed for the Bride and groom to sit there. Another stage is prepared for purpose of dance, fun and entertainment which is now a day’s knows as “Dance floor” in the Dholkis. The “Nikahs” are usually performed in a Mosque or at home of the Bride. Therefore the venue selection for this particular event is not expensive. However, the venue selection for the wedding reception involves choosing a wedding hall, caterer and decorator. Hence the event management service business is quite popular and prosperous in this part of the world. The higher the budget allocated for the event, the greater is the display and beautification.

In the US and west, the wedding principles, venues and functions differ a lot from the east. The wedding of the Christians usually are held at “Church” which is their traditional wedding reception centre. The bride wears a traditional white bridal dress. She walks in the church through the red carpet, holding hands of her father of brother. Rationally, the Bridge groom is already present in the Church wearing a black suit in anticipation of her beloved Bride to arrive. The father or “Pope” of the church reads the verses of Holy Bible and then call the Bride and her groom to be Man and Wife. Apart from churches, wedding reception can be arranged at other venues as well as there is no rigid rule for wedding venues and most wedding venues can accommodate special arrangements or requests.

When it comes to Hindus, there exist cast systems and therefore there are many variations in the wedding events and selection of venues. However, most of their weddings are performed either at “Mandirs” which are their Gods and Goddesses’ temples or their houses where a stage is set usually knows as “Mandap” where the laws of Wedding are performed by their religious saint called “Pandit”.

Cocktail wedding receptions are also quite “in” these days as it’s relatively informal and allows the bridge and groom more time to indulge with their guests. Cocktail wedding receptions are also famous because it serves the need to put up more guests if some people have a long list of friends, relatives and family members as their guests.

Whether it’s eastern part of the world or west, wedding reception venues remain a very important topic of discussion in all the weddings. Factors such as the Religion of the wedding couple, Type of wedding, season of year, geographical location, budget and financial constraints play a vital role when choosing and deciding upon a wedding reception venue. There are variations that exist with differing conditions, religions and counties, but the basic objective of a wedding reception venue remains the same for all which is to serve as a place of Sentiments, rejoice, excitement, spirituality, fun and many memories along with it.


Wedding Reception Photographers- A Guide

It was an effective role played by me in my close friend’s wedding reception, being best friend I have been integral part of every kind of close & open ceremonies, during the long lasting festival, started a month ago, being extra ordinary wedding participants, my views and critics were being welcomed by everyone. Hiring a wedding reception photographer and getting photography done in an effective manner was fun and hectic both.

Especially for my friend & her mother, in the era of recession & uncontrolled hike pricing, celebrating unmemorable wedding is now dream come true. Selection of the guests, dresses, dishes menus & venues and the traditions in short & controlled budget wedding for lower middle class family is quite hectic.

On the point of making of wedding movie & still photographs was the debate able issue in the family, family was spilled in two groups someone was in the favors of still photograph but the old ones, whom were serious concerned about uncontrolled budget were in opposition.

That issue was discussed with groom’s family & it was decided that the expenses will be halved on each & as pictures will be same in counting.

Now a day everyone is acknowledged that life has been converting into digitalize world & earth is becoming so small, digital cameras & other stuff becoming more common & every one becoming professional.

So search of real one professional photographer is now the real task. People have been leaving the photographic profession & the people who are working, their charges have been increased so many times.

Photograph taking is fun & an art, everyone does not know about the angles, matching pairs, effects of lighting & usage of flash & capturing the expressions with emotions. So after getting information, taking interviews & screening of bundle of previous work by utilizing PR an uncle photograph was chosen with long bargain of low rates according to him. It was decided that incase of increase in un proportional number of guests, usage of flash with smile will be effected on pointed guests, so I would be around the stage & bride will be pointing me in importance of guests & in step forward I will show the thumb up & down, thumb up means have to take a picture & downs mean just showing of smile with flash pausing only, so it was an additional duty of mine ( that was my idea no one was informed by it I wanted to show a managed low casting marriage ), that marriage was "friendship burden" for me & I was involved in every activity with a smile.

After lots of efforts & hard working preparation of wedding favor, day arrived, it was a joint function but organized by the bride side means us, means under my direction stage organized function, so I was in pray to God in every moment for success & keeping my reputation alive. Time was at 9:00clock but guests started to arrive at 9:30, uncle photographer arrived at the same time & became hectic due to late function, it was a great exercise for me to accommodating him as well, he brought old cameras & other stuff like him old age but I kept my self silence due to sole sponsor & responsible of still photographing . I was wondering myself that what, was happening with me every one busy in their activities & I was being asked from everybody in their problems, & just few people were showing their responsibilities otherwise everybody enjoying even very close relatives showing themselves VVIP guests.

Favor Party was started with singing songs competition & my decided work of being assistant to photographer became "hard" & even more while keeping up with the competition.

I could not play my role effectively & the next day during the sleeping I was warned by calling on my cell by the uncle photographer that he will not be responsible of any kind of mishap in the exercise.

The bridal shower was not so much hard core like previous activities but I enjoyed it because everyone, who was aware of me & my efforts appreciated me well in conclusion of a good wedding favor party. I was in a deep thought that I should start ‘marriage management business’ because I should earn something just appreciation is not enough.
It was the wedding reception day the day of pride & beauty for the bride people & from groom people honor & joy. I took my responsibility seriously and kept an extra chair on the stage for guests arrival & departure, because the number of guests were crossed the concluded figure, & everybody was interested to have sitting with the couple so I tried my best that I could use well my humble & polite gesture in photograph sessions with the couple & guests.

It was a long line but I have been committed with my job, uncle photographer was looking so much tired after a long session & I was feeling guilty in that kind of foolish scenario, thanks God it was completed but it was fun too.

I paid much extra to uncle; the wedding reception photographer because he kept his words & did praise worthy job & proved that old is gold. I am in just my twenties but I am learning so much well by dealing with people in their hard core matters in which they have to do so much but they do not play their role effectively.

Wedding Reception Video Maker Guide

Capture the night of no retakes
‘And as I was walking down the aisle, a little scared and flustered, I looked at my groom, my guardian angel and everything was fine in the world.’
My grandmother loved recreating the magic of her wedding, every time she heard of a wedding in the family. For her, her wedding lived only in her mind and she always wanted to recapture the moment for us. But unfortunately for her, she lived in a time when the blessings of the wedding did not come with the option of hiring a wedding reception video maker.

From the time when I wasn’t even serious about marriage, I had decided I wanted my wedding to be captured on video. After all this may be the only chance to be filmed. After careful research I found out that I have two options to get this done; either get a professional or ask someone in the family who has some basic video skill. Or you can even choose the midway and get an aspiring video maker from the family who is willing to do it for minimum price.

If you do not want to risk your ‘future treasured possession’ and have the required budget, it is advisable to get a pro. A decent professional will cost you around 1000 dollars. You can go online to sites and book your video maker online, but do not get tricked by glossy underpriced amateurs. apv.org is a good place to get connected some professional video makers. A few pointers to get yourself a good video maker:

• Ask to see proper licenses, insurance or even credentials. A professional must have these to call himself one;
• Ask for sample videos to judge his expertise. He may direct you to their online portfolio, or would send you a DVD of his work. He may even arrange to show you samples at his studio or home;
• Think twice before when clicking on free offers or half the price, double the magic offers. There is the reason why they are being so generous;
• Consult other married couples who hired a professional. Having gone through the same process, they will either recommend their own video maker or guide you to a better one;
• Once you have decided on the video maker, go grab him! If he is good, he is most likely booked in advance. Many times during the wedding preparation it seems like everyone is getting married when you are;
• Talk to the professional about the feel of your video. A good idea would be to show him something you liked in a friend’s wedding video. But remember do not force all your ideas on him, he was probably been doing this before you even said yes;
• Assign someone in the family to introduce your family to the professional so that he does not miss out someone important or waste time shooting Aunt Nobody.

But not everybody can afford a video maker with the wedding budget already going haywire. A good option would to contact someone who is slick with the handy cam and can do a few tricks on computer software. With new updated versions of handy cams flocking the market and user friendly video editing software, even your average teenager can come up with some brilliant stuff. The advantage of using someone from the family is that everyone is comfortable with him and he knows who to avoid and who to seek out. A better option would be delegate this responsibility to someone who knows his way through a camera, most likely someone who is aspiring to be a video maker. If in any case, you are reading this post to prepare yourself to film the bride and the groom; then here is a tip for you: make an advance video during the rehearsal to make sure everything goes smooth on the big day.

Your video must cover the following moments:
• Interior and Exterior of church with the marquee of the wedding details;
• Guests arriving and subsequently taking their seats;
• Backstage shots of the bride and groom;
• Groom arriving at the altar;
• Bride walking to the altar (remember it is her day);
• Father giving away the bride;
• Recitation of your wedding vows;
• The exchange of rings;
• The must awaited kiss;
• The bride and the groom cutting the wedding cake;
• Best man’s toast;
• Maid/ Matron of honor’s toast;
• Music performances;
• The first dance;
• Throwing of the bouquet or the garter;
• The groom and the bride leaving.

And along with these planned moments, do not miss out on the spontaneous moments that often become the highlight of the wedding and are often recounted with the mention of that particular wedding. A good wedding reception video maker records every detail for those unable to attend or those who missed some precious moments; but most importantly it is for the new couple for whom the day doubtless passed in a blur and they want to relive the day again and again happily till ever after.


Wedding Reception Brides Dress- Guide

Wedding List Priority 1: The perfect wedding reception brides dress
So your wedding is coming up and you cannot stop yourself from browsing the internet or flipping the pages of wedding magazines for the perfect wedding reception brides dress. The wedding preparation usually starts from the wedding dress, with the bride often getting hysterical over the perfect wedding dress or The One. There are usually two types of bride- one who find all the wedding dresses stunning and the other who just cannot find the one made out for her from the millions that she has already seen.

Among the hundreds and thousands of dresses, it has to be ‘The One’- the perfect dress that you feel was made out for you. And although only you will know when you set eyes on ‘The One’, but here are some pointers to help you make an informed choice.

Know your body type
Depending on your figure, there is always a style that will suit you better than any other.

Hour Glass figure: The envy of most women, this figure accommodates every style with panache and grace. Corset type dress will make accentuate the beautiful figure or even tone down some inauspicious parts.

Petite Figure: Try going for clear straight lines and silhouettes as this will add length to your frame. Use fabrics with intricate and delicate pattern design. Do not over accessorize.

Tall Figure: If you come in this type, you should go for ball gowns and simple A-line cuts. Avoid Empire line dresses like the plague.

Pear-shaped figure. Go for A-line princess wedding dress as we don’t want to attract attention to those full hips and this will balance the whole look.

Keep your friends close and your mother closer
When going wedding dress shopping, build an entourage of close friends and your mother. They will give you honest opinions of what looks good on you and what looks awesome. But remember, it is your wedding dress; don’t let anyone decide for you.

Stay cool, stay calm
Even if you fall for something, go home and think clearly. Browse through wedding dresses that you liked before. Do you still feel it is The One? If the frenzy of that dress cools after looking through the other dresses, then keep looking. But if you still think it is The One; then it doubtless is it. You’re your own decision and go for it!

Don’t say no to designer dresses yet!
Have your heart set on a St Pucchi or Ulla-Maija? Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on a designer bridal dress but you want one. Not to worry, there is Ebay and other online stores where you can buy an almost new designer wear at half the price or even less. Just logon to Ebay and search for used designer wedding dresses and how knows you may find The One waiting for you.

Internet is not a safe place for excited brides-to-be
Don’t just get too excited about economical wedding dresses. With the internet, you can now go and browse through an endless collection of wedding dresses but it comes with a hitch. There is always the chance that after you pay for your perfect wedding dress online, you may be never see it again. Always pay through credit card so that you can use charge back protection if you don’t receive your dress. Don’t get too keyed up and agree to pay otherwise.

When it’s time to stop shopping
So, you have The One but you just cannot stop yourself from looking through magazine. Don’t do that! You already have your dress and no good will come out of it. You may start getting second thoughts. The moment you have The One, it is time to stop shopping, just like you probably did in the groom department.

Second thoughts
Having second thoughts about The One? That usually happens when you want to be perfect on your wedding; it is your day after all. Here is what you can do: try it on again and you will realize why you thought this was The One. Or ask your friends. They probably envy your wedding dress. Ask them to compare it with the one that made you have second thoughts.

A wedding dress is the most vital thing for a bride. She has to wear the dress on the most important day of her life, but sometimes brides get too wistful and go for a dress that is a little unrealistic. Keep in mind that after the wedding you have to go through the reception and the endless dances. Would you be able to function well with a train following behind or an exquisite flowery veil that makes you almost half blind? If you always wanted something like that and cannot compromise of this, get a dress that detaches itself from the train or the flowery veil.

Now go out and get it! But ask yourself these few questions before you actually buy ‘The One’ dress for you:
• Does it compliment my body?
• What does my mother and friends think?
• Do I like it better than all the dresses I have seen?
• Does my quest for The One ends here?
• Will I be able to wear it throughout the wedding?

And if the answer to all these questions is YES! Then what are you waiting for? You have just found the perfect wedding reception brides dress.


Wedding Reception Groom Dress in 5 Steps

5 steps to cut a dashing figure with your bride
As soon as a woman thinks of marriage, she starts planning her wedding dress. This often leaves the groom little uneasy over the attention given to just a dress. But it is her day and no one can steal it from her. But by dressing up yourself, you can make her walk down the aisle a little more reassured and happier. It never hurts to know a little about fashion to understand what will look good on you and how to dress decently on your big day. With just 5 steps, you can over talk the salesman at the tuxedo store who specializes in selling wedding reception grooms dress.

‘The Wedding Attire’ Step 1:
Tuxedos have been worn by grooms for generations. First there was the traditional long tail tuxedo that has been modified to new cuts and new looks to add flair to the attire. Depending on the weather and time of the wedding you have two options:

The morning suit:
Traditionally weddings were a daytime event with the bride and the groom leaving at 3 p.m. If you are planning on tying the nuptials before the strike of noon, go for the morning suit. A morning suit flaunts a coat with a penguin tail, matched with either plain or pin-striped grey, black or blue pants. A wing-collar shirt, with a covering waistcoat and a cravat completes the attire. Additionally you can add the Ascot top-hat but it adds aplomb to the whole look that you can do without.

Black-Tie evening suit:
If you are not sure you can carry off the traditional ‘top hat and tails’ attire, go for the more modern black-tie wedding attire. Here you have two options; you can either select the black tuxedo jacket or the white tuxedo jacket. Either of two makes an excellent choice; but time, season and your color preference can be the final deciding factor. Depending on the formality of the wedding, you can choose between the traditional pleated shirt and the collared shirt for the formal shirt. It is also advisable to get two of the same shirt for the wedding if you sweat a lot and need to change before the reception.

Wedding Reception Groom Accessories Step 2:
By accessories I do not mean jewelry of any kind which is totally up to you, though I would not recommend giving your bride any competition in that area. Add the side dishes to your suit:

Neckwear: To complete the formal attire, you have two options for the tie-the less formal long tie and the traditional bow tie. Depending on the level of formality, you can choose the ultra formal white tie, the formal black tie or colored tie for different occasions.

Vest: Vests or waistcoats add flair to your suit. Here again you have two options: the backless waistcoat or the full backed vest depending on your comfort level.

Shoes: A simple patent leather shoe is what you need for your wedding. They should be elegant and compliment your whole look but above all they must be super comfortable. If you have one in good condition, then all you need to do is get them polished to shine.
Stud sets: Studs sets are a man’s jewelry. They are small pieces of jewelry on the formal shirt, used in lieu of buttons. Stud sets add elegance to your attire and are an exception to man wearing jewelry.

Comfort Step 3:
You don’t want to look like the first time you wore a tuxedo. Or if this is the first time, you don’t want this to show in the way you walk, stand and even dance. Give out proper measurement to the tailor-waist size, jacket size, upper arms, inseam and thighs. To make sure that it fits you properly, try it on one week in advance. If you think there is a problem and you cannot figure it out, tell that to the tailor or figure it out on your own:

• Your jacket should allow you full movement, buttoned or unbuttoned. Try swinging your arms and shaking hands with imaginary people while trying it on.

• The formal shirt should not be too tight around the neck. You should be able to slide a finger between the neck and the collar.

• The vest should be easily button up and end just below the waistband. If you are planning on removing your jacket sometime during the wedding, a full back vest would be advisable.
• Your pants should end at about 1/3 of the shoe.

• Make sure that whatever you try is comfortable, specially the shoes. When trying, move around a lot and try different actions. Also keep on the trials for a few minutes to check for signs of discomfort.

Personal Hygiene Step 4:
The bride and the groom are the central figures of the wedding. It is your big day and people will notice if you don’t look neat and clean, specially your bride. The groom needs to shave and shower to look his best. This also includes proper undergarments- black socks, underwear and white undershirt. All these undergarments should be new or at least should not be sporting any stains. Remember, you won’t have time later on the day to cater to all this.

Own your dress Step 5:
Lastly, just make sure that whatever you wear suits you and adapts to your style like second nature. You do not want to look misfit on the most important day of your life. Show your bride the best side of you by just giving required attention to wedding reception groom dress information given above.

Beautiful Wedding Reception Invitation Cards

Wedding reception invitation cards, the Art to win hearts:
A wedding invitation is the first contact the couple will have with their guests. So, like an initial interview, it must create a good impression. There will be a wide spectrum of guests ranging between the conservative and not so conservative. The wedding invitation, however unorthodox, must remain within the range of good taste catering to the acceptability level of the guests. Your invitation could employ formal or informal wording. It could consist of one or more cards but it will provide you with the location of the event, the date and time, the name of the couple, the RSVP and the mention of who is hosting the occasion.

When you are sending out a formal invitation you have to conform to certain rules. It is only with informal invitations that these can be relaxed. For formal invitations the full name including the middle name is written. The date, the time and the year are all spelled out and so is the address including “street” and “road” However. a good invitation is one which is a blend of the formal and the personalized. There could be many reasons why couples would like to be more informal with the wedding. They could be the kind of people who are averse to formality and have friends of the same kind. Or they, like most other couples who are starting afresh in life, do not have that kind of money which traditional formality requires. For informal invitation cards white and off white paper could be discarded for other brighter or pastel shades. Different kinds of fonts with different colored ink could be used. A bit of artistry can also be utilized by painting borders and pictures on the cards after they have been printed. Some couples also like to put up their pictures on the top of the card.

Verses and quotes are often effectively incorporated in the invitation. Although all this adds to the interest of the card, care should be taken not to inundate the main message. Information about the venue, the date and other important facts should not require a big hunt.

Traditionally the mention of the bride comes before that of the groom. The bride’s first and middle names are used but the full name of the bridegroom with his title.
For example:

“Elizabeth Mary to Mr. John Henry Smith”
However, a more modern approach,
“Elizabeth Mary to John Smith”
would also be considered appropriate.

The date in an invitation card has to be given in detail. For example Wednesday the fourteenth of October two thousand and nine, with the month and the day capitalized. The time could be written as 5p.m or five o’clock in the afternoon. As again a less formal Wednesday, October 14, 2009 would be equally acceptable.
The information regarding the location depends on the location itself. If it is a well known place like for instance the city community hall, no other address need be given. However, if it a smaller location like one’s own house, the full address needs to be mentioned. For example

Hennery Lodge
26 Sheraton Road
NY City, NY
If the reception and the wedding are to be at different venues, it is a good idea to give two separate cards, the second card giving the time and the location of the venue, for example:
Reception 5 o’clock
Hennery Lodge
29 Sheraton Road
NY City, NY

It would be courteous to inform your guests if you are not serving a full meal. The card could mention that there is dessert or cocktails to follow the ceremony.
The people hosting the reception will be mentioned initially in the card. It is usually the parents, who host a reception so the invitation will go like,

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Or informally,
Sabina and Andrew Smith.

If it is the bride and the groom who are hosting their reception then it will be

Elizabeth Mary and John Smith


Ms Elizabeth Mary and Mr. John Smith

It is quite convenient for the couple if they get to know beforehand how many of their guests will be attending. For this reason most invitations have RSVP printed at the end of the card requiring a response. Or they could have a separate reply card with options to attend or not to attend with a cutoff date.

Other options could also be included in the card. Some venues require a certain dress code. So, while generally dictating an attire priority is not the most recommended thing to do, it would be prudent to warn the guests about what to wear to eliminate embarrassment when they arrive improperly attired.

There are so many websites available with templates, suggestions ideas and guidelines to ease our way through the business of marriage and achieve wonderful results. Sending out wedding reception invitation cards is no longer a matter which should rob us of our night’s sleep.

How to Arrange a Wedding Reception

Easy Steps for Planning a Wedding Reception in an effective manner

To have a memorable ceremony of your wedding reception you need to plan carefully because you want all process to happen in the best possible manner. It is comfortable to ascertain how you two can be overpowered arranging all things. Unless you engage a good wedding planner, they've to be certain they did not forget anything out.
Here are the most essential steps in chronological order to help you getting ahead in the right direction for your planning your wedding.

Set up a Date for your wedding

If you have not already determined a particular date, you require doing it ASAP, because it is required before searching for good reception venues. Several venues are engaged at least six months or a year beforehand. It will be very difficult for you to move forward before a date. It is required even for the appointment of beauty salon where the groom’s bride gets prepared for the big day, would like to know the marriage date. When such a date is determined, you are good to start out.

Wedding Date:
Your date of reception is a good indicator of the cost you are going to bear for the wedding reception. For instance if you get married on weekend that will be costlier than the weekend wedding reception and at some locations Sundays are cheaper than Saturdays. Moreover choice of the season of the year makes a difference too. You can find a good discount if you get to wed during winters, the caterers and wedding reception halls look to welcome receptions during winters as there are only few.

Wedding Budget

Setting up a budget is the second most crucial thing while planning a wedding reception. When you have setup your budget you will have a clear choice to make for the type of wedding reception you want. For example, couple with a budget may want something restrained with fewer guests, as couple with limitless resources may pull out all blocks residents. While you are estimating your budget be certain you have add together all of the wedding incidental expenses including dresses, invitations, flowers, picture taking, videography, party favor, cake and any additional thing that will build into the monetary value of your marriage ceremony. The reception might be your heaviest expense, but it's not going to be your sole expense.

Wedding Reception Guests

As almost reception halls bill by "the head count," it is significant to already know how many invitees you'll be taking in to the blessed wedding reception. If at all you have thought to have to cut down your list afterward, it is important to get a rounded number to provide the sales individual at the wedding reception hall. The headcount will ascertain the sizing of the reception hall, which will calculate cost per head. If you are uncertain of precisely how many out of the invited guests will be arriving as it’s too early to have a confirmation from them, it is better to give round number that can be a little higher from the actual estimated.

What to take note of in a wedding reception hall?

What you are required to look for in a wedding reception hall? Well that depends on you and your spouse to be. The basics to take note of are, that the venue must be clean, low-priced and should have a leading repute. Almost all couples find out the reception location for their marriage by attending to different marriages. However it is always better to have some recommendations of family and friends.

Most newsstands hold various magazines for arranging wedding receptions; they also have directories for wedding reception venues which are specific to area they are located at. It is an effective way of finding a good wedding reception hall because these directories have comparative charts of different wedding reception halls and caterers in specific areas and each comparative chart will give you some aspects to work forward and several conveniences. At a glimpse you'll be able to assure which specific venue is inexpensive and what is the whole package. Have a short listing of halls through this directory so you can make contact with the rep. of every venue and caterer you like.

Wedding Reception Shopping

It is always beneficial for you money wise to look for a better deal on wedding reception venue so you make most of the budget you have got. Each wedding reception venue may offer up different packages. More will include a blue room for the groom’s bride, ceremony reception location, a bar area, drinks and audio system. You are welcome to make use of all or few of the offers as you would care. You may choose to have your own audio system in place for example.

It is not always good to go for the most affordable package, however. Be completely ascertain to look yourself the quality of the reception venue facilities. For example see if the room for the bride is good enough for you to like, is it clean, bright etc.

Once you find out the perfect place for your wedding reception, you will be asked to arrange an initial down payment of the total cost. In many instances it is a part of the estimated full invoice. This action will make it sure to secure a date for your wedding reception.

After the wedding reception venue is decided, you will be required to arrange other things of your wedding reception. The venue manager will surely be giving you his recommendations for the listed services of videographers, DJs and florists but you can select from his list or have your own arranged. Because it is imperative to meet and make sure that these professional service providers are suitable for your wedding event. Be sure for the package details they tell you and the cost they define because it is important to have a comparison with others.

You sure must want your arrange wedding reception in an immaculate manner because it is going to be the most important event of your whole life. You would surely want to make sure that the guests have a great time. You can be a best person in guiding and advising how to arrange your wedding reception even to the professional wedding planners. And if you do not trust the wedding professional do not hire them even if they are costing you less than others.