Planning a wedding reception the Pro Way

How to Plan a Wedding Reception?
Congratulation! It’s your wedding? Does it mean only Fun and Romance to you? No! It’s a commitment, a promise, an obligation, a bond and lifelong association between two hearts and two souls. It is the most important, worthy, valuable and desirable moments of your life. You have been waited long for this occasion, and you will never forget the fairytale memory of the day through planning a wedding reception in the best manner.
Before planning to have a grand party let’s decide which points will be guiding us on the right track;
• The plan
• The budget
• The season
• Your traditional, social, cultural values
• Dresses and gowns
• The theme
• Are wedding planners or florists involved?
• The music and entertainment
• Arrangements of decorative materials
• Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”
• Little gestures to make guest feel special
• Selection of important people to be with you

The Wedding plan:
Sit, relax and then start planning with your fiancé or anyone else you like to share with. Do you prefer a religious or maybe civil ceremony? Do you want readings, and if yes, would you like them to be from scripture, literature or from any other source? Are there any cultural or ethnic? Or do you want customs included into your ceremony? How many guests you want to invite? Think for a moment about your parents, and the anticipations, if any, they may have for your wedding day.

The Wedding budget:
The most important aspect, around it all the planning revolves. Hopefully you are calculating it since long but this is time to do some paper work, include every large and tiny part of your plan, it might take some time but it is very important. For instance if you plan to rent a limousine for your wedding reception, you must know before hand that how much should a wedding limo cost.

The Wedding Season:
It plays important role because all the color choice, décor, dress designing, music entertainment and food.

Your traditional, social, cultural values:
Yes you’re traditional, social, cultural and even religious values are very important aspects in any wedding, even the bride or groom are totally from different backgrounds. Make sure not to hurt anyone’s feeling because this is the most important occasion of your life!

The Wedding theme:
Your wedding theme can be anything from a particular color scheme to as elaborate as arranging your wedding reception over a theme from a history’s particular era, complete with historically accurate costumes & music. For suggestions of one simplest theme, you can use monograms made by you, throughout your wedding, from the design of your invitation to the designs on your wedding cake; or you could choose a location based theme where you two first met; you can include mountains or beach in your theme as well. There are weddings where the themes are based on a significant holiday, like Valentine’s Day or Mardi-Gras, or a particular year’s season when both of them first met. You could base your theme upon a shared interest, such as mountain climbing, playing musical instruments or computer games, or an interest in history. Picking a certain era in art history can be a wonderful experience. There are people who chose the theme of their wedding after their careers, hobbies, or ethnic background.

Are wedding planners, designers or florists involved?
A stationary designer and a good wedding planner are a great help in making a choice from so many ideas you might get surrounded by. The chosen wedding theme must reflect from all the wedding items like the cake, invitation cards, flowers, table settings, center piece, menu cards, program cards etc. But it is not must! You can also do it by your own self, by taking guidance from internet, books and magazines.

The music and entertainment:
It must be very enjoy full, and has to be according and covering almost all the choices and ages.

Arrangements of decorative materials:
• Cake
• Flowers
• Other fresh and artificial supplies
• Balloons, candles, silk; net and other stuff can be arranged many days before the wedding.

The Wedding Reception Food:
Combination of classic and modern food is preferred. You will also need to decide if you want to have a self service or if you will have it catered. Are you going to rent out a reception hall and let them do all of the food preparations. Selecting the best wedding food for your wedding is very important. Make budget and then decide, many caters are available online, with their interesting menus.

Make the party fun:
Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”. Only well planned ceremony creates some good environment.
Little gestures
To make guest feel special, give them souvenir, small cards or gifts with some lovable quotations written on.

Selection of important people to be with you:
Maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers and flower girls, these are all the very special and important people around you, select the closest relation and don’t hurt anyone.
I hope all the best you can have for your happy wedding life. May this occasion will be the most valuable ceremony for the rest of your life through learning from above lines for planning a wedding reception.

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