11 Best Wedding Reception Centerpiece ideas

Almost all couples dream that their wedding ceremony will be the most perfect event of their lives. It is no wonder, then, that there are so many wedding planners. The numerous details of the wedding should never be assumed. From invitations to the reception, all details must be carefully conceived. Your wedding reception centerpieces can adjust the mood for the eve celebrations. Once you consider there will be a centerpiece on each table you want to decide something harmonious. You'll also prefer to choose a centerpiece that is graceful and decorative.

Selecting a Wedding Reception Centerpiece

The only rule for a centerpiece is that it decorates a table. Creating your DIY wedding centerpiece doesn't have to be complex and it does not have to cost a fortune. Building your own centerpieces can save you burdens. The first step is to think about your composition and the shape of your tables. If you have round tables then you are more likely to have one centerpiece in the center of the table.

Following are the Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and Tips

1) Flowers as Wedding Reception Centerpiece - Traditionally most couples go with flowers for their wedding reception centerpiece. In most cases, flowers make the finest centerpieces. They add together color, aliveness and feeling to the reception area and make a feeling of home in the guests, which adds up to the total joy of the social occasion.

2) Candles as wedding reception centerpiece– Candles make awesome centerpieces, mainly for evening wedding receptions. In fact, the choice for the type of candle holder you make creates the whole difference to the atmosphere. There can be numerous designs but some suggestions for wedding reception centerpieces with candles can be hurricane lamps, they look stunning and decorative crystal votives grouped together.

A Quick idea - Floating Heart Candle Centerpiece

One great idea for wedding reception centerpiece can be floating candles in heat shape, they look beautiful, cost less and are easily available. Put a horizontally width candle over a big rose (may be red) which can be installed in a glass bowl. The rose will keep the candle floating and the bowl in heart shape will reflect the candle light through it.

You should ask some friend or the staff of the wedding reception hall to lit all the candles before the arrival of the guests. It must be done before hand or it will look odd when guests are already sitting around the table and someone is running around lighting candles.

3) Baskets as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– The nice thing about using baskets for wedding reception centerpieces is they can be filled up with just about anything! Flowers, candy, fruit or marbles, the sky is the limit!

4) Birdcages as Wedding Reception Centerpiece – Alike baskets, birdcages can be filled with almost anything including flowers. They are also great on their own with perhaps a decorative ribbon fastened around the center.

5) Potted Plants as Wedding Reception Centerpiece-they look great – As an alternative of your essential flowery display, potted plants can be utilized. Small potted plants in ornamental containers can be grouped jointly to form a centerpiece and then brought home individually as wedding reception favors.

6) Small Goldfish bowls as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– Marbles and candles can convert a small goldfish bowl into a beautiful wedding reception centerpiece. Acorns, Pine cones and Pine branches make for an aromatic table.

7) Straw Hats as Wedding Reception Centerpiece– Beautify with ribbon, lace and silk flowers and place in the center of the table.

8) Sweet Bride cake as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- Bride cake will last a lifetime. Crafted from a stack of tins covered up in patterned paper and topped off with gemmed flowers, this straightaway and attractive centerpiece is the perfect way to dress dining tables.

9) Etched-Glass Vase as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- Share a message with wedding guests by etching alphabetic character onto glass vases to charm words. Try L-O-V-E or use the bride and bridegroom's initials for a personal touch.

10) Nature-Inspired- Small fallen down tree branches make a perfect background for birds cut from patterned paper. If you use this centerpiece for an outdoor wedding reception the birdies will rotate in a gentle breeze.

11) Personalized photographs as Wedding Reception Centerpiece- The conversation will be moving as wedding guests admire photographs of the bride and groom inserted inside a clear vase or candleholder. Arrange photographs equally on decorative paper. Apply double-sided tape to stick the arrangement to a small cylinder, and then cuddle it inside a bigger glass vessel. Add blossoms or a candle to the center to finish the centerpiece.

Decide what type of atmosphere you wish to have in the reception. If you want a classical centerpiece, come with a floral arrangement. If your wedding and reception aren't going be of the "typical" variety, then choose a centerpiece that fits the venue. For instance, a garden wedding may use Nature as a subject for the centerpiece, such as small birdhouses or flower baskets.

Important to mention

When selecting a wedding reception centerpiece, be sure your guests will be able to communicate comfortably around it. For example, will they've to move it to one position or elevate themselves up on their chairs to talk to someone across the table? Do not make centerpieces so tall they blocking out half of the guests. While using centerpieces that contain candles, make certain there's nothing burnable within reach of the candle. For example, a basket or straw hat is not a good example for a candle holder.

Be creative while selecting wedding reception centerpieces. Besides seeing a florist, visit a craft shop or home center. Do not forget to bring a clear mind; you are only confined by your imagination. The nice thing about inexpensive wedding centerpieces is that brides are becoming more and more creative. The same old awesome floral centerpieces are great if you've the money but when you're planning a low-budget wedding you need to use your imagination.

Best Wedding Reception Gifts

Wedding Reception Gifts You Know they will Love

Wedding reception gifts are traditionally presented to the newlyweds as tokens of warm-heartedness and love as well as a means to allow the new couple with starter home supplies. Wedding reception gifts allowed friends and family of the couple to provide the newlyweds with some much needed home requirements. Wedding gifts are purchased by the guests have substituted the tradition of bringing fruits that accustomed encourage fertility. Wedding photo frames, personalized engraved boxes and personalized towel sets with monograms are only some of the possibilities when it comes to picking out a personalized gift for the bride and groom to be given in a especially arranged wedding favor party or as wedding reception favors.

People normally tend to spend good deal of time exploring the nearby novelty shops and the internet to find the perfect wedding reception gifts for the wedding of their family or friends. The more bonds they have with the newlywed, the more they want to buy the wedding reception gift with full intent.

The idea is to come up with the gift which says that you know the couple well and care for their likes and dislikes. Some people are lucky in finding a great gift for the couple but there are some who are not. The simple way to select a wedding gift is to think what are the things which newlywed couple require in order to furnish up their home as a couple. That way you can strike up a good useful gife which the couple will love and keep with them for their life. Here are some ideas which you will like in coming up with some ideas.

1. Cash as Wedding reception gift:
The hard cold cash can be missing that personalized touch which the other kinds of gifts have in them. It is hard as it comes in a paper card inserted in a paper envelope. But remember that the newlyweds do know the universal language of hard cold cash. They know that this has been given with the intent of giving them the choice of getting the most favorable gift for them. The thing which you can totally be sure of is that cash is the only gift which has the 100% acceptance rate.

There are several reasons why money is accepted as a universal wedding gift. Money is easy to carry and portable they can carry it everywhere even to their honey moon. They get empowered with the money you have given to them as a wedding gift and with it they can buy whatever they want to.

2. Dinnerware as Wedding reception gift:
A lot of times, couples will receive duplicate wedding gifts. For instance, a couple may find two or three sets of fine chinaware. Although fine china is useful for formal dinners, couples also need dinnerware that can be used on an everyday basis. That's why the perfect wedding gift is dinnerware that shows the personality of the couple. This wedding gift is something that they can truly use.

3. Bed Set as Wedding reception gift:
While a high-priced bedcover would make a great wedding gift, why not consider selecting a bed set that shows the couples personality? For example, let's say the couple loves dragons or just an oriental idea; there are various bed sets that would accommodate this personality type. The important thing is to pick out something the couple will genuinely love. A wedding gift that doesn't suit the personality of the couple will more than likely be returned or interchanged for something that better suits their personality.

4. Cookware as Wedding reception gift:
Cookware is always a great wedding gift, but why gives plain cookware while you can buy cookware that has a lot of personality? Many companies are now offering up attractive cookware that comes in outrageous colors that would be perfect for young couples.

5. Seasonal glassware as Wedding reception gift:
If you are truly and sincerely want to give a gift to the couple which they will not only remember but use practically, then go for a seasonal glassware set. Think of the attachment they will have with the gift you will give that they will be able to use for the years to come. Seasonal gifts like the glassware are taken out on special occasions of the seasons. The couple may have the normal and formal glassware but not the seasonal one which is rare for young couple to invest in such glassware which is particular for specific seasons of the year. The couple will be able to remember you as their family and friend whenever they will use the gift you had given them even after 10 years as seasonal glassware are only taken out during the season and used with care so can be reused for the years to come.

Although finding a good gift for the wedding is itself a task but hopefully it will be a little easier for you the next time you will go search for a wedding gift for your family or friend.


Planning a wedding reception the Pro Way

How to Plan a Wedding Reception?
Congratulation! It’s your wedding? Does it mean only Fun and Romance to you? No! It’s a commitment, a promise, an obligation, a bond and lifelong association between two hearts and two souls. It is the most important, worthy, valuable and desirable moments of your life. You have been waited long for this occasion, and you will never forget the fairytale memory of the day through planning a wedding reception in the best manner.
Before planning to have a grand party let’s decide which points will be guiding us on the right track;
• The plan
• The budget
• The season
• Your traditional, social, cultural values
• Dresses and gowns
• The theme
• Are wedding planners or florists involved?
• The music and entertainment
• Arrangements of decorative materials
• Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”
• Little gestures to make guest feel special
• Selection of important people to be with you

The Wedding plan:
Sit, relax and then start planning with your fiancé or anyone else you like to share with. Do you prefer a religious or maybe civil ceremony? Do you want readings, and if yes, would you like them to be from scripture, literature or from any other source? Are there any cultural or ethnic? Or do you want customs included into your ceremony? How many guests you want to invite? Think for a moment about your parents, and the anticipations, if any, they may have for your wedding day.

The Wedding budget:
The most important aspect, around it all the planning revolves. Hopefully you are calculating it since long but this is time to do some paper work, include every large and tiny part of your plan, it might take some time but it is very important. For instance if you plan to rent a limousine for your wedding reception, you must know before hand that how much should a wedding limo cost.

The Wedding Season:
It plays important role because all the color choice, décor, dress designing, music entertainment and food.

Your traditional, social, cultural values:
Yes you’re traditional, social, cultural and even religious values are very important aspects in any wedding, even the bride or groom are totally from different backgrounds. Make sure not to hurt anyone’s feeling because this is the most important occasion of your life!

The Wedding theme:
Your wedding theme can be anything from a particular color scheme to as elaborate as arranging your wedding reception over a theme from a history’s particular era, complete with historically accurate costumes & music. For suggestions of one simplest theme, you can use monograms made by you, throughout your wedding, from the design of your invitation to the designs on your wedding cake; or you could choose a location based theme where you two first met; you can include mountains or beach in your theme as well. There are weddings where the themes are based on a significant holiday, like Valentine’s Day or Mardi-Gras, or a particular year’s season when both of them first met. You could base your theme upon a shared interest, such as mountain climbing, playing musical instruments or computer games, or an interest in history. Picking a certain era in art history can be a wonderful experience. There are people who chose the theme of their wedding after their careers, hobbies, or ethnic background.

Are wedding planners, designers or florists involved?
A stationary designer and a good wedding planner are a great help in making a choice from so many ideas you might get surrounded by. The chosen wedding theme must reflect from all the wedding items like the cake, invitation cards, flowers, table settings, center piece, menu cards, program cards etc. But it is not must! You can also do it by your own self, by taking guidance from internet, books and magazines.

The music and entertainment:
It must be very enjoy full, and has to be according and covering almost all the choices and ages.

Arrangements of decorative materials:
• Cake
• Flowers
• Other fresh and artificial supplies
• Balloons, candles, silk; net and other stuff can be arranged many days before the wedding.

The Wedding Reception Food:
Combination of classic and modern food is preferred. You will also need to decide if you want to have a self service or if you will have it catered. Are you going to rent out a reception hall and let them do all of the food preparations. Selecting the best wedding food for your wedding is very important. Make budget and then decide, many caters are available online, with their interesting menus.

Make the party fun:
Make the party fun not some boring, cookie-cutter “white wedding”. Only well planned ceremony creates some good environment.
Little gestures
To make guest feel special, give them souvenir, small cards or gifts with some lovable quotations written on.

Selection of important people to be with you:
Maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers and flower girls, these are all the very special and important people around you, select the closest relation and don’t hurt anyone.
I hope all the best you can have for your happy wedding life. May this occasion will be the most valuable ceremony for the rest of your life through learning from above lines for planning a wedding reception.