Wedding Reception Video Maker Guide

Capture the night of no retakes
‘And as I was walking down the aisle, a little scared and flustered, I looked at my groom, my guardian angel and everything was fine in the world.’
My grandmother loved recreating the magic of her wedding, every time she heard of a wedding in the family. For her, her wedding lived only in her mind and she always wanted to recapture the moment for us. But unfortunately for her, she lived in a time when the blessings of the wedding did not come with the option of hiring a wedding reception video maker.

From the time when I wasn’t even serious about marriage, I had decided I wanted my wedding to be captured on video. After all this may be the only chance to be filmed. After careful research I found out that I have two options to get this done; either get a professional or ask someone in the family who has some basic video skill. Or you can even choose the midway and get an aspiring video maker from the family who is willing to do it for minimum price.

If you do not want to risk your ‘future treasured possession’ and have the required budget, it is advisable to get a pro. A decent professional will cost you around 1000 dollars. You can go online to sites and book your video maker online, but do not get tricked by glossy underpriced amateurs. apv.org is a good place to get connected some professional video makers. A few pointers to get yourself a good video maker:

• Ask to see proper licenses, insurance or even credentials. A professional must have these to call himself one;
• Ask for sample videos to judge his expertise. He may direct you to their online portfolio, or would send you a DVD of his work. He may even arrange to show you samples at his studio or home;
• Think twice before when clicking on free offers or half the price, double the magic offers. There is the reason why they are being so generous;
• Consult other married couples who hired a professional. Having gone through the same process, they will either recommend their own video maker or guide you to a better one;
• Once you have decided on the video maker, go grab him! If he is good, he is most likely booked in advance. Many times during the wedding preparation it seems like everyone is getting married when you are;
• Talk to the professional about the feel of your video. A good idea would be to show him something you liked in a friend’s wedding video. But remember do not force all your ideas on him, he was probably been doing this before you even said yes;
• Assign someone in the family to introduce your family to the professional so that he does not miss out someone important or waste time shooting Aunt Nobody.

But not everybody can afford a video maker with the wedding budget already going haywire. A good option would to contact someone who is slick with the handy cam and can do a few tricks on computer software. With new updated versions of handy cams flocking the market and user friendly video editing software, even your average teenager can come up with some brilliant stuff. The advantage of using someone from the family is that everyone is comfortable with him and he knows who to avoid and who to seek out. A better option would be delegate this responsibility to someone who knows his way through a camera, most likely someone who is aspiring to be a video maker. If in any case, you are reading this post to prepare yourself to film the bride and the groom; then here is a tip for you: make an advance video during the rehearsal to make sure everything goes smooth on the big day.

Your video must cover the following moments:
• Interior and Exterior of church with the marquee of the wedding details;
• Guests arriving and subsequently taking their seats;
• Backstage shots of the bride and groom;
• Groom arriving at the altar;
• Bride walking to the altar (remember it is her day);
• Father giving away the bride;
• Recitation of your wedding vows;
• The exchange of rings;
• The must awaited kiss;
• The bride and the groom cutting the wedding cake;
• Best man’s toast;
• Maid/ Matron of honor’s toast;
• Music performances;
• The first dance;
• Throwing of the bouquet or the garter;
• The groom and the bride leaving.

And along with these planned moments, do not miss out on the spontaneous moments that often become the highlight of the wedding and are often recounted with the mention of that particular wedding. A good wedding reception video maker records every detail for those unable to attend or those who missed some precious moments; but most importantly it is for the new couple for whom the day doubtless passed in a blur and they want to relive the day again and again happily till ever after.

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