Wedding Reception Brides Dress- Guide

Wedding List Priority 1: The perfect wedding reception brides dress
So your wedding is coming up and you cannot stop yourself from browsing the internet or flipping the pages of wedding magazines for the perfect wedding reception brides dress. The wedding preparation usually starts from the wedding dress, with the bride often getting hysterical over the perfect wedding dress or The One. There are usually two types of bride- one who find all the wedding dresses stunning and the other who just cannot find the one made out for her from the millions that she has already seen.

Among the hundreds and thousands of dresses, it has to be ‘The One’- the perfect dress that you feel was made out for you. And although only you will know when you set eyes on ‘The One’, but here are some pointers to help you make an informed choice.

Know your body type
Depending on your figure, there is always a style that will suit you better than any other.

Hour Glass figure: The envy of most women, this figure accommodates every style with panache and grace. Corset type dress will make accentuate the beautiful figure or even tone down some inauspicious parts.

Petite Figure: Try going for clear straight lines and silhouettes as this will add length to your frame. Use fabrics with intricate and delicate pattern design. Do not over accessorize.

Tall Figure: If you come in this type, you should go for ball gowns and simple A-line cuts. Avoid Empire line dresses like the plague.

Pear-shaped figure. Go for A-line princess wedding dress as we don’t want to attract attention to those full hips and this will balance the whole look.

Keep your friends close and your mother closer
When going wedding dress shopping, build an entourage of close friends and your mother. They will give you honest opinions of what looks good on you and what looks awesome. But remember, it is your wedding dress; don’t let anyone decide for you.

Stay cool, stay calm
Even if you fall for something, go home and think clearly. Browse through wedding dresses that you liked before. Do you still feel it is The One? If the frenzy of that dress cools after looking through the other dresses, then keep looking. But if you still think it is The One; then it doubtless is it. You’re your own decision and go for it!

Don’t say no to designer dresses yet!
Have your heart set on a St Pucchi or Ulla-Maija? Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on a designer bridal dress but you want one. Not to worry, there is Ebay and other online stores where you can buy an almost new designer wear at half the price or even less. Just logon to Ebay and search for used designer wedding dresses and how knows you may find The One waiting for you.

Internet is not a safe place for excited brides-to-be
Don’t just get too excited about economical wedding dresses. With the internet, you can now go and browse through an endless collection of wedding dresses but it comes with a hitch. There is always the chance that after you pay for your perfect wedding dress online, you may be never see it again. Always pay through credit card so that you can use charge back protection if you don’t receive your dress. Don’t get too keyed up and agree to pay otherwise.

When it’s time to stop shopping
So, you have The One but you just cannot stop yourself from looking through magazine. Don’t do that! You already have your dress and no good will come out of it. You may start getting second thoughts. The moment you have The One, it is time to stop shopping, just like you probably did in the groom department.

Second thoughts
Having second thoughts about The One? That usually happens when you want to be perfect on your wedding; it is your day after all. Here is what you can do: try it on again and you will realize why you thought this was The One. Or ask your friends. They probably envy your wedding dress. Ask them to compare it with the one that made you have second thoughts.

A wedding dress is the most vital thing for a bride. She has to wear the dress on the most important day of her life, but sometimes brides get too wistful and go for a dress that is a little unrealistic. Keep in mind that after the wedding you have to go through the reception and the endless dances. Would you be able to function well with a train following behind or an exquisite flowery veil that makes you almost half blind? If you always wanted something like that and cannot compromise of this, get a dress that detaches itself from the train or the flowery veil.

Now go out and get it! But ask yourself these few questions before you actually buy ‘The One’ dress for you:
• Does it compliment my body?
• What does my mother and friends think?
• Do I like it better than all the dresses I have seen?
• Does my quest for The One ends here?
• Will I be able to wear it throughout the wedding?

And if the answer to all these questions is YES! Then what are you waiting for? You have just found the perfect wedding reception brides dress.

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