Wedding Reception Photographers- A Guide

It was an effective role played by me in my close friend’s wedding reception, being best friend I have been integral part of every kind of close & open ceremonies, during the long lasting festival, started a month ago, being extra ordinary wedding participants, my views and critics were being welcomed by everyone. Hiring a wedding reception photographer and getting photography done in an effective manner was fun and hectic both.

Especially for my friend & her mother, in the era of recession & uncontrolled hike pricing, celebrating unmemorable wedding is now dream come true. Selection of the guests, dresses, dishes menus & venues and the traditions in short & controlled budget wedding for lower middle class family is quite hectic.

On the point of making of wedding movie & still photographs was the debate able issue in the family, family was spilled in two groups someone was in the favors of still photograph but the old ones, whom were serious concerned about uncontrolled budget were in opposition.

That issue was discussed with groom’s family & it was decided that the expenses will be halved on each & as pictures will be same in counting.

Now a day everyone is acknowledged that life has been converting into digitalize world & earth is becoming so small, digital cameras & other stuff becoming more common & every one becoming professional.

So search of real one professional photographer is now the real task. People have been leaving the photographic profession & the people who are working, their charges have been increased so many times.

Photograph taking is fun & an art, everyone does not know about the angles, matching pairs, effects of lighting & usage of flash & capturing the expressions with emotions. So after getting information, taking interviews & screening of bundle of previous work by utilizing PR an uncle photograph was chosen with long bargain of low rates according to him. It was decided that incase of increase in un proportional number of guests, usage of flash with smile will be effected on pointed guests, so I would be around the stage & bride will be pointing me in importance of guests & in step forward I will show the thumb up & down, thumb up means have to take a picture & downs mean just showing of smile with flash pausing only, so it was an additional duty of mine ( that was my idea no one was informed by it I wanted to show a managed low casting marriage ), that marriage was "friendship burden" for me & I was involved in every activity with a smile.

After lots of efforts & hard working preparation of wedding favor, day arrived, it was a joint function but organized by the bride side means us, means under my direction stage organized function, so I was in pray to God in every moment for success & keeping my reputation alive. Time was at 9:00clock but guests started to arrive at 9:30, uncle photographer arrived at the same time & became hectic due to late function, it was a great exercise for me to accommodating him as well, he brought old cameras & other stuff like him old age but I kept my self silence due to sole sponsor & responsible of still photographing . I was wondering myself that what, was happening with me every one busy in their activities & I was being asked from everybody in their problems, & just few people were showing their responsibilities otherwise everybody enjoying even very close relatives showing themselves VVIP guests.

Favor Party was started with singing songs competition & my decided work of being assistant to photographer became "hard" & even more while keeping up with the competition.

I could not play my role effectively & the next day during the sleeping I was warned by calling on my cell by the uncle photographer that he will not be responsible of any kind of mishap in the exercise.

The bridal shower was not so much hard core like previous activities but I enjoyed it because everyone, who was aware of me & my efforts appreciated me well in conclusion of a good wedding favor party. I was in a deep thought that I should start ‘marriage management business’ because I should earn something just appreciation is not enough.
It was the wedding reception day the day of pride & beauty for the bride people & from groom people honor & joy. I took my responsibility seriously and kept an extra chair on the stage for guests arrival & departure, because the number of guests were crossed the concluded figure, & everybody was interested to have sitting with the couple so I tried my best that I could use well my humble & polite gesture in photograph sessions with the couple & guests.

It was a long line but I have been committed with my job, uncle photographer was looking so much tired after a long session & I was feeling guilty in that kind of foolish scenario, thanks God it was completed but it was fun too.

I paid much extra to uncle; the wedding reception photographer because he kept his words & did praise worthy job & proved that old is gold. I am in just my twenties but I am learning so much well by dealing with people in their hard core matters in which they have to do so much but they do not play their role effectively.

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